Private REI Coaching ($100, 30-minute single session)
Private sessions with local real estate investing pros who can meet with you in-person or by phone. We’ll be there with answers, how-to’s, insight, business planning, goal setting, action planning, and whatever we can, to help you succeed.

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Private Performance Coaching ($400 per month, weekly 30-minute sessions)
Performance Coaching focuses on skills such as understanding the thought and behavior patterns that keep us performing at high levels, vision, focus, decision making, efficiency, productivity, execution, confidence, energy, and self-management. Choose from 1 month of weekly sessions, or a bundle of 10 sessions.

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Group Coaching
These group sessions will teach you deal details, processes, standards, insider tips, best practices and things only hands-on learning can provide. Choose from On-Site REI Group Coaching and Rental Property Owners & Managers Group Coaching, and Note Coaching. See events calendar for schedule and available group coaching sessions.

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